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The Jordan Home Buyers/Owners Program offers services including, but not limited to, Home Buyers Education, Financial Counseling and Family Counseling. Our services are offered as follows:

  • Class Offering
    The “Realizing Wealth Through Credit, Homeownership & Financial Literacy” course, meets once a week for six weeks. Upon completion of this course, each client is assigned a Case Manager who determines the focus of counseling based on client’s current financial position. Upon graduation from this course, clients can expect to:
      • Receive a complete explanation and understanding of their credit report
      • Know the importance of developing a personal financial plan
      • Improve their financial management skills
      • Acquire an understanding of the credit-evaluation process
      • Have an opportunity to develop a relationship with a banker who will appreciate the value the course adds to credit worthiness
      • Understand the benefits of banking and acquire an awareness of the special products banks offer in order to accommodate its customers
      • Feel less intimidated by banks and other creditors
      • Get information about financial institutions interested in participating in Jordan Home Buyers/Owners Program graduates’ re-entry into the credit mainstream
  • Credit Counseling
    Case manager and client review client’s credit report and contact credit bureaus to update credit information, correct, and repair negative credit history.
  • Budget Counseling
    Case manager and client prepare a monthly spending and savings budget. Clients maintain a spending log.
  • Homebuyer Education
    Case manager and client contact potential lenders for prequalification amount to purchase a home. Clients begin the home loan application process; secure a loan, find a house, make an offer, initiate escrow, close on the house and receive the keys.
  • Post-home purchase education
    Credit and budgeting counseling is made available after home purchase. Client receives education on home maintenance and repairs.
  • Financial literacy
    Case manager and client meet with a financial planner to establish investment strategy and retirement planning.
  • Family Counseling
    Financial difficulties produce collateral damage and strains families both as individuals and as a family. The collateral damage leads to stress, depression, anger and a number of other mental and physical challenges. The Family Counselor advises the family on how to best address the collateral damage and keep their family strong, healthy, and more importantly, together.

The Jordan is a community advocate. Part of our mission is to provide resources to the community by providing education in the areas that most directly affect their daily lives. By doing so, the Jordan empowers individuals to make better decisions which result in stronger communities and families.

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