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Dr. Jerome E. McNeil
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A Jordan CDC Youth Empowerment Program
A commitment to the Youth in our community

Dr Jerome E. McNeil

Hello....My name is Norris Curry and I have the extreme privilege to serve as the volunteer Executive Director of the Jordan CDC.  I am excited to share with you the details regarding one of our most important Youth Empowerment Programs; the Dr. Jerome E. McNeil Scholarship Fund.  I invite you to meet Miss Ar’Yea Nelson, our 2016 scholarship recipient by clicking this link.  https://youtu.be/1COgMpM_xWI.  Now, as for more details, let me first provide you a very brief history regarding the program.

Our Mission and Commitment to Youth
As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of families and individuals in North Texas through a variety of community programs, one of our most important programs reflects our commitment to youth empowerment.  We have a strong interest in young people and their academic success, and have established a scholarship program to assist graduating seniors in the Dallas Metropolitan area with entry into the Regionally Accredited College of their choice.  Over the past 10 years, the Jordan CDC awarded over $90,000 in College Entrance Scholarships. 

Dr. Jerome E. McNeil

In 2013, we established a scholarship fund to honor the life and legacy Dr. Jerome E. McNeil Jr.  Dr. McNeil who dedicated and committed his God given gifts and talents to serving others. 

The college scholarship fund rewards and honors deserving high school graduates who have worked hard to meet the demands of rigorous academic requirements while participating in community service activities as well as overcoming extra ordinary life events.  

Their stories have touched the hearts of many and inspired an even greater number of students to never give up on their dreams and goals of being all they can be. 

The testimonies are real and connect in a very meaningful way to those who have lost hope in rising above and going beyond their current situation and circumstances. 

These are not students with perfect grades but they are students who give their best to every academic effort while serving others besides themselves.  These students have proven they have the grit and the courage to believe their circumstances do not define who they are.  They are students who have learned how to exercise their freedom of choice for the good of themselves, their family, their community, and the democratic process.

From 2013 through 2016, the Jordan CDC awarded a single $10,000.00 dollar scholarship to four graduating high school seniors from a Dallas and Collin County high school for a total of $40,000.00.

The following students are recipients of the Dr. Jerome E. McNeil Scholarship award.

2013 – Tianna Carr
2014 – Lorenzo Johnson
2015 – Breanna Hardin
2016 – Ar’Yea Nelson

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To Apply for a Scholarship
Please submit the completed application via email to info@jordancdc.org
or fax to 214-393-4796. 

The Board of Directors, Management, and Staff of the Jordan CDC
are extremely grateful to our entire community support base who have given out of sacrifice
and abundance to ensure this scholarship is funded each year. 

We also want to provide additional emphases and gratitude to the Michael Finley Foundation
for their continued support of the program

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